Focusing on Continous Glucose Monitoring Technology and Diabetes Management
2022-10-11 13:32

Glunovo CGM Softwares are now available in Czech

Prague, Czech Republic, October 6, 2022 --- At the Czech Diabetes Advanced Technology Conference (TECHNOLOGYIEV DIABETOLOGII) organized by the Czech Diabetes Association, Infinovo Medical and its local operating partners announced the launch of new Glunovo CGM mobile apps and reporting system, which attracted lots of attention from local HCPs and patients.


The launch event was crowded with doctors and patients who came to try out Glunovo CGM System. Users can use compatible smart phones to download the apps from both iOS and Android app store and use it with Glunovo hardware.


According to the International Diabetes Federation (IDF), about 9.8% of the Czech population, or 800,000 Czech adults, have diabetes, which is higher than the European projected average of 9.2%(IDF, 2022). The Czech Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) also believes that diabetes in children should not be ignored, as poorly controlled glucose may affect the healthy growth and development of children, and that diabetes in children should be taken more seriously. The Czech Ministry of Health, after testing and verifying the products of Infinovo Medical, has introduced the products into the Czech health insurance system. Eligible adult and pediatric patients can obtain a prescription from their doctors and receive CGM products through pharmacies every month

Infinovo Strategy Officer Jason Wang commented:

 “Research points out that language barriers in medical activities can lead to miscommunication between patients and doctors, and language problems may also reduce the quality of medical services and the level of patient safety. Many diabetic patients are elderly, so it is very important to provide diabetes information in the native language that patients are familiar with, which can better improve users' diabetes management. Infinovo Medical actively cooperates with local partners and after nearly one year of development, we jointly launch the new Czech and Slovak language versions of the mobile application and web analytics terminal, which is one of the important action plans of Infinovo Medical to listen to the needs of local users, actively consider the users, focus on innovative diabetes management, and carry out the localization service strategy.”


Czech Endocrinologist said:

 “Being able to provide advanced CGM technology to patients in their native language makes patients feel more approachable, makes them feel that high technology is close by, and removes tension from users, thus helping them to better understand their diabetes, manage their blood glucose more actively, and improve their quality of life. The Czech-speaking population is about 10 million and the Slovak-speaking population is about 6 million, and many of them are diabetic patients who can now use CGM, an advanced tool for blood glucose management, without any obstacles, to improve their daily target rate (TIR). I am pleased to work with Infinovo Medical to provide this CGM technology to patients right at their fingertips. Infinovo Medical's localized program and web interface design is very user-friendly and practical, which will improve the blood glucose management and quality of life of diabetic patients. “


To use Glunovo mobile app in Czech, users need to install the latest version of the app on a compatible iOS or Android smartphone and set the language to Czech.


Users can also visit: to analyze historical glucose data and invite healthcare professionals to evaluate and provide medical advice on your glucose management levels via both the web portal, which are also available in Czech and Slovak for doctors and patients.

The Glunovo App and the web portal have been developed locally in collaboration with our Czech partners for nearly a year. The software developers actively listened to the suggestions of local doctors and users, so it was more in line with local usage habits and needs. After usability testing and modification of the softwares, the new version of Glunovo apps was officially released on October 6.which is an important symbol of the implementation of the phased internationalization and local strategy of Glunovo.


The new version is an important indication of the implementation of Infinovo's products international localization strategy. Through the joint efforts with local partners, we expect to continuously implement the internationalization and local strategy, and bring more and better CGM products to benefit people with diabetes worldwide.


About Us

Infinovo Medical, dedicated to improving the lifestyle of diabetic patients in any scenario.


We aim to provide affordable access to an innovative continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) system to manage diabetes.


Infinovo was founded in 2016, is an innovative global medical technology company focused on continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) product technology and diabetes management.

- Company headquarters and production bases are located in Suzhou and Nantong, Jiangsu

- Two R&D centers in Suzhou and London

- Established overseas sales headquarters in Amsterdam, Netherlands

Since its establishment, Infinovo has achieved rapid development by leaps and bounds, and all parameters of Glunovo® CGM series products have reached the global advanced level. On October 26, 2021, Glunovo®GN-I Continuous Glucose Monitoring System (CGMS) was approved for marketing by the State Drug Administration (NMPA) and officially entered the local market in China.


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