Focusing on Continous Glucose Monitoring Technology and Diabetes Management
2022-08-10 17:35

Infinovo Medical was listed as the 84 most influential start-up companies in 2022 by Fortune Magazine China

Fortune Magazine published in July 2022:” The 84 most influential start-up companies,” Infinovo Medical is on the list!

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Fortune has been looking for the most influential start-ups in China since 2021. The business strategies and business content of start-up companies selected by Fortune are solving at least one social difficulty or hot issue. Also, their profits and growth represent a successful driving force for world progress.

These two elements constitute the core idea of this list, and they are the values and evaluation system held by Fortune when evaluating start-up companies. The most direct message we can get from these companies is that even in an unconventional economic environment, start-ups that are innovative and focused on the social value and social significance of their business are more likely to be recognized by the public. 

Each of these dynamic start-ups found by Fortune Magazine is so unique and important that the reviewers are reluctant to rank them in the usual way. Therefore, there is no ranking difference between the top and bottom 84 enterprises on this list.

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Infinovo Medical welcomes talents from all fields to join us, transform influence into action and create a better future together!

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