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Focusing on Continous Glucose Monitoring Technology and Diabetes Management


Infinovo Medical Technology Co., Ltd.

Founded in 2016, Infinovo is a global innovative medical technology company focusing on continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) system technology and diabetes management.             

·  The company headquarters and production bases are located in Suzhou and Nantong, Jiangsu

·  Technology R&D centers in Suzhou

In the past seven years since its establishment, Infinovo has achieved rapid and rapid development. All parameters of Glunovo®CGM series products have reached the global advanced level. As of January 2022, the company's products have expanded into more than 30 overseas countries and regions.

【Technical advantages】

We have established a global R&D team and mastered the three core leading technologies of continuous glucose monitoring (CGM): regulatory membrane system, protease recombination technology and algorithm technology, and we are able to achieve large-scale mass production. Moreover, our product’s performance is comparable to world-class companies in terms of monitoring time, anti-drug response, accuracy, and waterproofing. 

In the future, Infinovo will focus on the breakthrough research in semi-permeable membrane materials, electronic media technology, glucose prediction algorithm, data mining and interaction, product structure, product system and closed-loop system, and strive to achieve world’s leading product technology.

【management team】

The management has been deeply involved in the diabetes field for more than 10 years on average. Our founder has 16 years experience in CGM product research and development. The management has also held management positions in the diabetes business units of internationally renowned companies such as Bayer, BD, Medtronic, Cellnovo, and Sanofi.

【R & D capabilities】

110+ patents have been applied, and many of them have entered the PCT.

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About CGM

Glunovo is a cgm product brand of Infiovo Medical. The data of Glunovo® CGM series products are accurate. Clinical trials show that the mean absolute relative error value (MARD value) has reached the global leading level. The report generated by the system is transmitted to service cloud through the App, so that users can both access visualized reports at web-portal, and share the reports with others through App. This whole process enables diabetic patients and his relative to track and manage glucose easily and scientifically. Enjoy life to the fullest.

Adhering to the corporate values of listening, innovation, focus, and integrity, we will focus on continuous glucose monitoring technology, committed to serving diabetic patients and medical professionals, and become a promoter of I improving diabetes care and management. Normativeness, products, research and services are never compromised, and the most wholehearted commitment to patients, quality, and science is made.

【Brand Concept】 

Infinovo logo is inspired by the basic "circle" symbol, representing "globalization". The integrity of the circle also implies infinity, perfection, and the pursuit of the ultimate. The logo’s "in" is taken from the brand's English name infinovo (infi=infinity, novo=innovation), reflecting the primary core value of Infinovo's continuous technological innovation. Each element should have its own life and meaning, visually integrating infinity and innovation. After the integration, the brand has life.

Symbols convey to us a positive, optimistic attitude, as well as the meaning of a free-spirited attitude. The overall upward development trend means that the company will develop infinitely in the future, lead innovation, and continue to thrive.

Infinovo Medical Slogan: INNOVATION FOR DIABETES

Glunovo Slogan:Know more and control more