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2022-07-08 10:01

Glunovo CGM system current session is over, how to take off the product?

o   If you upload the data in the APP, you can export the data after the GN-I monitoring ends, stop the probe and remove the sensor

o   Tab on [Stop Sensor], [Stop Sensor] on the main interface will change to [Start Sensor], and display "Sensor has stopped". (After stopping the sensor, readings will no longer be received)

o   Make sure the transmitter is still fixed in the sensor base

o   Pull up the edge of the sticker that fixes the sensor on the skin, and slowly tear it off from the skin

o   Place the base with the launcher on a flat surface, use the two serrations of the positioning plate to snap into the buckles on both sides of the base, press down, and the launcher will pop out automatically. You can also use your fingers to open the clips on both sides of the sensor base to remove the transmitter from the base, or use the positioning plate to remove the transmitter


o   Note: Do not remove the transmitter while the sensor base is attached to the skin. Remove the transmitter from the base after the sensor base is peeled off the body